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Wildwood…The Beginning and End?

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

It has been a very long time since we have had a meeting or updated our blog.  I blame that on our long winter break and or recent southern snowocalypse.  Today, though is a big day in AFFL history.  Do you remember when we called ourselves the Super Secret Book Club?  Do you remember this?

Today is the day that Wildwood Imperium is published.  We started this whole club three years ago with the first book in the Wildwood Chronicles and now find ourselves at the end of both the series and our club.

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Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis will be at Malaprop’s Books in Asheville on Saturday (we now unfortunately have school that day) and I recently visited Asheville with my family.  So I have a preordered copy waiting at Malaprops for their visit and hopefully early next week I will have a signed copy for my bookshelf.

I know I’m super excited to read the conclusion and I propose that we end our time in AFFL with the conclusions of the False Prince trilogy and Wildwood Imperium.

A poetic and fitting end if you ask me, what are your thoughts?

See you tomorrow.

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Mr. H

Mr. H