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My 2013 NANAWRIMO Story

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Picture 002Today is December 4, and I have been free from my novel-writing exercise for one full day.  That’s right I didn’t win this time around, I finished on Dec. 2, but I did finish.  The novel I wrote this time around is a sequel to last year’s story.  If you are interested in reading the first draft feel free

It was fun, frustrating, exhilarating and hard work, but I am glad I have done it twice now.  I actually look forward to next year when I get to complete the trilogy.

Here is Adorior…


Feel free to give me feed back in the comments and remember it is still in rough draft form, so please over look typing and grammar errors.

Read on,

Mr. H


NANOWRIMO is coming

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Long time AFFL members will remember one year ago when I announced that I would be participating in nanowrimo this year.  I tried to get a few AFFL members to play along with me, but I think every student attempt withered on the vine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI, on the other hand, did complete a story and now that we are just mere days away from nanowrimo 2013 I have been quietly revisiting my story from last year in preparation to write the sequel.  I know it’s probably not the best story, it is still just a rough draft remember, but after rereading it I was pulled back into my magic world and found myself really enjoying my writing.  I look forward to jumping back in to the sequel in just 15 days!

I don’t think anyone has really read the entire story, save my 9 year old daughter, so I thought I would put it out there for you to enjoy.  There may be a few, or tons, of grammar errors so bear with me there and let me know what you think.  I am interested to hear if the story makes sense and if you are interested in reading more.

I am attaching the first half of the story and will release the second half when we are closer to November.

Via Gyre Part 1


I have had a few comments about part one of my story, so for those of you interested here is part two.

Via Gyre Part 2


Anyone else planning of participating in nanowrimo this year?

Mr. H