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Queen’s Cross… With Water Balloons!

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Now if you are a regular visitor to our blog than you might remember that we read The Runaway King by Jennifer Nielsen last school year.  It that book they play a game called Queen’s Cross.  We developed an AFFL version of that game and the members liked it so much they asked to bring it back.  I thought about the leftover water balloons from our Falstan Lake challenge and we decided to try Queen’s Cross…. With Water Balloons!

Enjoy the slo-mo and crazy action and don’t ask me about the Spider-Man costume.  We live in a Middle School world and sometimes it’s just better not to ask.

Read On,

Mr. H


Queen’s Cross… Summer AFFL Style

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Last week I asked for ideas for our next meeting and Kenna proposed we try Queen’s Cross again. I think it is an excellent idea as is the idea that we use water balloons rather than the pig bladder.

So you will need to dress appropriately and most likely have a change of clothes or two.  Make sure you have shoes you can run it, no flip flop things.

Let me know if you have any questions.

See you Wednesday,
Mr. H

The Battle of Falstan Lake

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Yesterday we had another AFFL meeting and attempted another round of our Shadow Throne Tracking Challenge.  Depending on your point of view it either went extremely well or extremely bad.  I chose a member called Travis to run out and hid somewhere on campus.  We only gave him four minutes, as we thought it would allow us to catch up to him easier than the eight minutes we gave Rachel the first time we tried this game.  The shorter time did not seem to help us, as we did not find Travis until after our club meeting was over 40 minutes later!   I’m still not convinced that Travis was ever planning on coming out of his hiding place.

But here are few shots from his point of view in the best spot to hide ever…

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Oddly haunting aren’t they?

After giving up the hunt for Travis we decided to try one quick round of our Battle of Falstan Lake idea.  I have to say that I am really proud of this idea and in the first attempts it seems to have worked out fairly well.  I’m sure you have all read The Shadow Throne by Jennifer Nielsen, if not go read the whole Ascendance Trilogy right now, if you have I hope you remember the Battle of Falstan Lake.

Here is an introduction to what we were up to in this challenge…

And here is a video of a few of our early attempts to blow the dam…

Now I also tried to capture some of the throws using the slo-mo tool on my camera phone.  I then went about attempting to make a video with those files at home. It seemed to work, but then my computer froze and I lost the video.  But don’t despair, I tried again and have some great footage from our Grand Finale.  Check it out…

So we had some fun, well all except Travis, who won the Tracking Challenge but spent the meeting staring at the back side of a bush.

See you next week.

Read on,

Mr. H