AFFL’s Island of Fire Silent Alphabet

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Yesterday at our AFFL meeting we developed a game based on Lisa McMann’s newest Unwanteds book, The Island of Fire.

Here is a little introduction to what we were up to…

Here are the two groups signing their alphabets…

Now we do need your help, as you just saw both groups managed to get the message across the room and correctly transmitted to their team, so we need your help to decide who won the challenge.

The first groups seemed to be very fluid, but most of their letters seemed to be just making the letters with their hands.

Group two had some issues with talking and fluidity, but their alphabet was fairly original.

Who do you think won our Island of Fire Silent Alphabet Challenge?  Hit that comment button and let us know.


Read on,

Mr. H


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  1. I definitely think the first group was way better. Much more fluent and they seemed to get there language more than the second group did.

    • I agree with Jimmy Bob D. I think the first group won and did a much better job. I also agreed with the message they had to decode. I do like cats. Go yahoos!

  2. Well I believe that the second group won because their langue was much more original. Also we only had a problem on one letter but after that it went very quickly. Also when I talked I didn’t really help them in any way. Second group won. 🙂

  3. I believe that the second group won.

  4. Ashley you can’t vote twice! We all know it’s you who commented as Amy L(Amy Lee)!

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