Our Cold Cereal Celebration

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday was our final AFFL meeting of the school year and we decided that we would have a breakfast cereal party in honor of our reading of Cold Cereal by Adam Rex.

We even invited our namesake Mr. F to join us for some cereal.  He gladly joined us continuing his complaints about Mick’s back story and the history of GoodCo.  AFFL members seemed to be somewhat divided on whether they agree or disagree with Mr. F.  I am not divided at all, I love the back stories and understand their importance to the overall arc of the trilogy.

The majority of our meeting was just eating and talking and generally enjoying each others company.

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Now the big challenge was seeing if any of our members would be willing to try the Milk – 7.

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A few took the Milk – 7 challenge including Matthew who explains a bit of the experience here…

Toward the end of our feast Mr. F asked what book he should read next and gave us the choice between Unlucky Charms and Under Wildwood.  That lead to crazy debate and no clear choice, so we offered up another AFFL book from last year that did bring us all to consensus… The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen.  Although Mr. F is already calling it the Fresh Prince?  He did admit that he actually has enjoyed reading the few fantasy novels that we got him into this year, so I see our AFFL challenge of pushing fantasy books out there and fighting Mr. F’s strange fantasy loathing nature a success for the year.

Thanks for a great AFFL year.  See you back here after our summer track out near the end of July.

Read on,

Mr. H

PS. I sent a few Twitter messages to Adam Rex sharing with him what we were doing.  Check out his responses.

@hutchinsonjm Feel like I ought to tell you what happens to all the kids who drink that stuff in the third book.

— Adam Rex (@MrAdamRex) June 19, 2013

@hutchinsonjm I love this! Great to have faces to put with all the names.

— Adam Rex (@MrAdamRex) June 21, 2013


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  1. The tweets Adam Rex tweeted are awesome! I hope we get letters back from him by the time school starts again! AFFL forever!

  2. Mr. H, are you starting a new 6th grade AFFL? You told the group you weren’t, but you told my little brother (rising 6th grader) you were? Are you starting a new 6th grade AFFL? If so, are they going to meet with us after school, or always during lunch?

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