A Scientific Observation

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Do you know how people tend to say “no offensive” right before they say something really offensive?  Well we here at AFFL would like to test that out today.  We have a scientific question we would like to tackle and it deals with our name sake the great Mr. F.  The question we would like to solve is why Mr. F hates fantasy so very much?  After some careful fieldwork we believe we have come to a meaningful conclusion.

Remember “No Offense”

Question: Why does Mr. F hate Fantasy reading so fervently?

Hypothesis: Our hypothesis is that Mr. F hates fantasy so much because he really is a mythical creature (possibly Sasquatch, a Yeti and/or Bigfoot) himself, evoking defensiveness and false hatred of fantasy to “cover his tracks.”

Test: Covert photos and videos were taken.

Observations: See photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Conclusion: Mr. F is indeed a relation to Sasquatch and/or Bigfoot.  His defensiveness is proof enough, but just look at the feet!

So you can see that scientifically we have solved the mystery of why Mr. F hates fantasy so very much.  He has to!  He needs  to protect his secret.  Do us all a favor and keep this valuable information under your hat.  We wouldn’t want Goodco goons pulling up in front of the school in white vans, would we?

Read on,

Mr. H


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  1. What does Mr. F have to say about all this or does he even know that you have this posted on the blog? Have you invited him to come to our pooka party/end of year celebration/cereal celebration? I can’t wait for next week we just need to make sure that no one brings in anything peanut because of Caden, and partially me. I can eat peanut now I just can’t do any physical activity for a couple of hours after eating it, and knowing me I am going to want to.

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