Meeting Postponed

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m sorry to say that we are going to have to postpone our regular Tuesday meeting until Thursday this week. I have to get my daughter to her ballet rehearsal on both Tuesday and Wednesday night.

So continue to read up on Cold Cereal and I will see you on Thursday.

Read On,
Mr. H

PS. I realize that many of you are also in the News Crew and might have a conflict on Thursday. We will be discussing the first part of the book, deciding if Mr. F has a point in his hatred of the flashbacks, and working on my theory of why Mr. F hates fantasy so much.

Join me if you can.

So I hear that many of you are busy on Thursday. How do you feel about Friday?


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  1. Well that is good for me…… Except a good bit of affl is in News Crew which meets on Thursday. Choices, choices , choices.

  2. Agreed, any ideas on what to do? This going to be a tough choice for news crew an affl people as almost everyone is in both

  3. Friday works

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