Our Final Read… of This School Year

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

So I am getting some requests to know what book we have decided on.

Was it the humor of Cold Cereal?

Was the creepiness of Splendors and Glooms?

Well we decided to let our name sake, Mr. F make the final call.

Does that make you nervous???

So here it is the final read of this school year…

So are you happy or sad?  Are you ready to read and form a grand army of AFFL to fight the forces of evil… mainly Mr. F?

I think this is going to be awesome.

Read on,

Mr. H


Posted on May 17, 2013, in Cold Cereal and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Cool video, can’t wait to have mr. F in this, my sister suggests that at the last meeting we ambush him lots of spells from our favorite books

  2. Carly B and Sarah A

    Yo!! When did your editing get so good?! That effect at the end was so hip and with it! My mom would be proud of your newly acquired skillz.


    I can’t wait to see what Mr. F says about the book it will be an AFFL battle worthy of a swords, and anything else we can use to fight with. We need to get him involved in some of the videos!! B)


  3. We must not let fantasy fall. This is the last chance to fight the forces of Mr.F’s and prevent nonfiction from over passing fantasy this year. I’m up for the challange, Are you?

  4. I can’t wait to read Cold Cereal and argue with Mr. F! Arguments can be fun and entertaining. Let’s get reading!

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