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A Box of Cold Cereal

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

At our last meeting we talked about our final read of this school year.  As you all know we are reading Cold Cereal by Adam Rex along with Mr. F of AFFL infamy.

I am happy to announce that our Scholastic order is in and the books are ready for pickup.


Stop by anytime and get reading.

So far Mr. F is most critical of the historic back story flashbacks.  He calls them “boring.”  I disagree the dry humor and rich satire is ripe for the picking.  See what you think when you get to page 167 and the first historic back story.

Read on,

Mr. H



PS. I have a scientific theory developing that I am going to need you help with.  I think I have figured out just why Mr. F dislikes fantasy stories so much.  Join us at our next meeting on June 4 to find out more.


Our Final Read… of This School Year

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

So I am getting some requests to know what book we have decided on.

Was it the humor of Cold Cereal?

Was the creepiness of Splendors and Glooms?

Well we decided to let our name sake, Mr. F make the final call.

Does that make you nervous???

So here it is the final read of this school year…

So are you happy or sad?  Are you ready to read and form a grand army of AFFL to fight the forces of evil… mainly Mr. F?

I think this is going to be awesome.

Read on,

Mr. H

Cold Cereal or Splendors and Glooms?

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Now that we are just two meetings from the end our school year, we wanted to pick one more story to help us through these end of grade times.  We are deadlocked between Cold Cereal by Adam Rex and Splendors and Glooms by Laura Amy Schlitz.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow I propose a different way to break our book deadlock.  I think we ask Mr. F (our namesake) to choose our final read and we invite him to read along with us.  He constantly complains about not being invited to a club that bears his name.

So I’m off to see which of these fine books MR. F is most interested in reading, hating and talking with us about.

Wish me luck.

Mr. H

The Runaway King Character Challenge

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

This week marked one of our final AFFL meetings (I’m sorry that still makes me giggle…AFFL (awful) meetings) and we celebrated with a student created Runaway King themed activity.  A few meetings ago we brainstormed some ideas of what we could do with The Runaway King by Jennifer Nielsen.  We finalized one creating and playing Queen’s Cross and this our Character Challenge.

In the Character Challenge each member was assigned, secretly, a main character in The Runaway King.  We then had to come up with some way to display the character to the rest of the AFFL members and see if they could guess our character.  It has been many weeks to months since most of us finished that story, so I was mightily impressed with the acting and guessing of our AFFL members.

Check out our videos, broken into two chapters.

It was a lot of fun to think about character and how to get guessing friends to come up with your character’s name.  This is a game you could play with any story.  Pick a book and find some friends and try your own character challenge.

Read on,

Mr. H