AFFL Plays Queen’s Cross

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Yesterday we here at AFFL had a memorable meeting.  I mean by the end we were all a bit sweaty and winded.  Now, you say, how can a book group get sweaty and winded?  Well let me show you…

Now if you need more AFFL Queen’s Cross action check out these highlights…

We have loved Jennifer Nielsen’s Ascendance Trilogy so far, and really look forward to the final installment.  We have one more activity in the works for The Runaway King.  We are working on a character study game, where members were secretly assigned major characters from The Runaway King and they have to act out and share scenes and props for the rest of us.  Then the audience will have to  work out who they are.  It should be a fun challenge to end our time with this great book.

So now on to the next fantasy adventure.

Any ideas out there?

Hit that comment button and let us know what you think of our AFFL version of Queen’s Cross and what fantasy book we should tackle next.

Read on,

Mr. H


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  1. Good filming Sarah.
    Purple team won in spirit.

  2. Queens Cross was awesome and I am looking forward to the character challenge. I also found a book that I think we should read next for AFFL. It is called American Gods and it is by Neil Gaiman and it is about how the gods of greece, rome, egypt, and other places that had ancient gods are vanishing since people no longer believe in them, and they are being replaced by new gods based off of the things that people like nowadays. The book is about a war that is going to take place between the new gods and the old, and I thought it sounded interesting and like a good AFFL book.

  3. Well Jen Is Writing Another Series, That Is Also A Fantasy… Too Bad It’s Coming Out In 2015…

  4. That was so funny, and really fun to play. I just showed the video to my dad and he thought it was really funny also. Can’t wait until the next time we do something as fun as that!

  5. Just saying, I looked to see if exists and it doesnt, doesn’t exist WordPress, Y U LIE.

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