Runaway King Character Challenge

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

So a member, who shall remain nameless, has prodded and coaxed me to the point of basically saying I am a negligent teacher leader with my failing to update the blog with a new Runaway King game.

So here we go a new game developed by said member with a few hiccups to work out…

Dear Mr. H.,

I decided to come up with the rules for the character challenge as well as the drawings for who will be who. Can you please try and get this information up on the website asap.

AFFL Character Challenge Rules

• Your video that you use to describe your character must be no more than 2 minutes long
• You are not allowed to tell anyone else from AFFL who your character is
• You may use any props that you want
• No saying the characters name
• You have to at least try even if you don’t like the character that you receive
• You should try and have some dialogue if you can
• If you would like you can dress up like your character
• Your video must be AFFL!!! (this is mandatory)

These are all of the rules I could come up with, but if you can think of anymore to add I would be fine with that.
I also went ahead and drew the names from my AFFL bowl and got the following results. I promise that I drew all of these and didn’t choose them at random on my own.

Now these are some fantastic rules and I think this game could be a ton of fun but I do have some questions to pose.

First…. Do all members know their characters.  I have  a list developed by Carley, but if I publish it here they the game is over.  I guess members could choose their own characters and create a video, but we may just get a ton of Sage videos.

Second… This is track out and a perfect time to create videos like this, but what are we going to do when only one person makes a video?  Many of us are going out-of-town and might not have the time to develop an awesome video.  I think members might use this track out time to come up with ideas of what they want to do and start to write a script.  The filming can come later.

Third… What is and AFFL video?  If this is mandatory I think we all need to be on the same page as to what this relates to.

So here we go… an updated blog and a few questions to hammer out before we can really get into the meat of this game.

Start a comment parade to get these questions answered.

Your sorry and slothful leader,

Mr. H


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  1. My only comment on this is that you spelled Carly’s name wrong and I’m not sure if slothful is a real word.

  2. First of all, can my sister know who I am so we can work off of each other, it might be hard to keep it from her, and second of all I don’t know my character and I don’t know that anyone else does, so Carly please try and contact us please!
    Oh and thanks for updating the blog Mr.H!

  3. Just saying, Carly can’t guess on who we are because she made the list, and she really needs to contact us about our characters so we can figure out our scripts, or maybe you could find a way to send them to us Mr. H

    • Rachel do you have any suggestions for how I tell everyone who there character is because I don’t know how to do it. This is hard for me, since I know everybody would like to know who their character is. I am trying to come up with a way, but so far I have nothing that results in no one else knowing who your character is. Sorry that this is taking so long.

      • It’s ok, you could try and email or text people, or call them, but it is hard to try and contact every one, I’ll try and think of some more ways if I can

  4. Maybe Mr.H could email everyone their characters separately

  5. Maybe it would be better if we put the characters names in a hat and picked….

  6. Oh, I just tought of this, Carly (I feel like I’m always pestering you) could you either bring the copies of your nano wrimo story o the next meeting, or sent an email to Mr. H so he can post it on the blog, I really want to read it an I bet others do to, thanks!

  7. When is the next AFFL meeting!?! I missed the last one, so I am totally confused on this game we supposedly had done, and now I want to know what I have to do and by when?!?

  8. Don’t worry about the game Kenna, and for everyone else either me or Mr. Hutchinson (I don’t know which yet) will be telling you who your character is at the AFFL meeting next tuesday!! Kenna you haven’t missed anything on this game we have not even started it yet. Rachel I will try to remember to bring in my book and just letting you people know I have been working on 9 more books at the same time right now, and it is hard. So far I have the basic idea for all of the as well as the cover, I just haven’t started writing yet.

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