An AFFL Meeting… A Lot Happened!

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Yesterday we had another AFFL meeting and boy did a ton happen.

First I was ambushed with a surprise party for my birthday by the AFFL members.

It’s a little shaky and not that interesting, but it did mean a great deal to me that my club members thought enough of me to want to do something for me on my birthday.

From our birthday cookie explosion, our sugared up members helped me produce a First Line Challenge for the seven book we have finished here in our AFFL group.

If the video is a little hard to follow you can find the list of books and first lines in this link… AFFL First Line Challenge.  Hit that comment button and see if you can match the AFFL book with its AFFL first line.

When we finished making out First Line Challenge video we engaged in a literary game that fits perfectly with the chaos that usually surrounds an AFFL meeting.  Take a look at our Literary Snowball video and let us know what you think.

So as you can see it was a full meeting, but all in all a great time with books, friends, cookies and throwing paper wads at each other.

Read on,

Mr. H


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  1. That was a totally awesome meeting, why did you include all of the extra footage Sara took? I wonder how many people will attempt our challenge?

  2. I made a AFFL Flag. Of course I don’t know if it is good, but I can change the design.

  3. I like the idea of an AFFL flag, and I think that we should totally do that Lucy!

  4. I think I have the list of characters ready for us to use at the next meeting so here they are:
    Lastly I was thinking that Sage and Jaron should be two different characters, because they behave differently based off of where they are. Let me know what you think Hutch, but I think that Sage and Jaron should count as two different people to get drawn. One more thing do I need anymore characters or is that enough for everyone? Please respond ASAP Hutch.

  5. Hey guys!!!!!!!!!

  6. Please don’t forget to post the results for the character activity so I know who I have, since I can’t be at the meeting tomorrow! I will be at the beach and will be back Wednesday, so if the results are not posted just have someone tell me! Also please don’t forget to have somebody draw for me because I really want to participate in this activity. One last thing I was thinking for the people who have not finished the book if they draw a character that they don’t know they should be able to redraw so they can actually do the character correctly.

  7. Why haven’t you updated the website yet!!!!!!! We need to know what we are going to do for The Runaway King projects! Please update the website soon, because we really need to know!!!!!!
    -Carly and Abigail

  8. MAKE A NEW BLOG POST!!!!!! oh and who won the kickball games?

    Seriously though, update the blog

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