The Runaway King is Coming

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo it has been a long time since the members of AFFL have been together for a meeting.

With this first meeting of 2013 I thought we would talk about a book I think we are all eagerly awaiting… The Runaway King by Jennifer Nielson.

Last school year we read The False Prince, the first book in Nielson’s Ascendance Trilogy.  We then received an excellent care package from Nielson, right as our school year was coming to a close.  Now we find The Runaway King available for order in a recent Scholastic Book Order.

Today AFFL members, I want you to have a comment conversation dealing with The False Prince and your anticipations for The Runaway King.  What did you love about The False Prince?  What are you looking forward to reading in The Runaway King?  What was your favorite activity we did dealing with The False Prince?  What other news can you find out about the books?  Get that comment section buzzing!


Read and Comment On,

Mr. H


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  1. I am super excited about reading The Runaway King, and I really really really want to see the movie. That would be an awesome affl field trip if we all went to go see the movie together (wink wink, nudge nudge, hint hint). The False Prince was an awesome book, and I can’t wait to see how the sequel is as well as information about the third book in the series.

  2. First! I didnt know there was a False Prince Movie!! AFFL Field Trip Now! (Nugdge, Nudge, Wink, Wink, Just do it) I liked all of the things. I just want to have the next book so I can read it, I really liked it alot.

  3. /i have an idea- we affl whould read the book “The Runaway King” and we should make either a book or movie trailer, or a shortened movie of it.

  4. I can’t wait to read the Runaway King!!! Since I LOVE listening to music, I think that maybe we should come up with a soundtrack that goes along with the book.

  5. the image of the brokwen sword on the cover immedietly makes me think of Lord of the Rings and the sword that was reforged (not going in to detail you all know i could go on all day) this looks awesome, and a movie would me sooo cool! i am curious as to if their actually is a broken sword.

    • Just saying, multiple typos and gramatical errors. #GrammarPolice

    • I thought it was intresting how on both The False Prince and The Runnaway King’s cover there was something broken. A broken sword, on The Runnaway King and a broken crown on The False Prince cover. I think that the broken things are going to be a signature item on every cover of the False Prince series.


  6. I am excited about the new book, The Runnaway King because the last book in its series was amazing! It was detailed, funny, adventerous, and suspenseful. And I expect nothing less in the sequel, I hope I’m not dissapointed. Shout out to Jennifer A. Nielson if she’s reading the blog that her writing style is amazing and that just a look at a book with her name at the bottom excites me. Buzzing with anticipation!

  7. I loved the false prince and I can’t wait until I get to read the runaway King. I will make my mom buy it for me. I will have to reread the book because of how long uit’s been so I won’t be cluelesswhen starting the runaway king.

  8. I am really exitced to read The Runaway King!! I can’t wait to see what wierd and cool things we can do with the book!

  9. I’m very excited about The Runaway King coming out. I also heard that they are making The False Prince into a movie!! This would be the best AFFL fieldtrip ever! (Just saying) My favorite activity we did with The False Prince was when we ate Ramen Noodles with our non dominant hand. And I hope that we can do an equally awesome activity with The Runaway King.

  10. Remember, dont let the muggles let you down. Dat Wizadry.

  11. Hey Lucy,

    Check out this blog post by Nielson, she created a playlist, but I can’t figure out spotify. Go try.

  12. I hope that we can go see the movie together as a group!!

  13. Caden….#whyareyouexcitedtoseethemovie

  14. Sorry for not captializing, you peoople are kinda cruel about that though

  15. I know this doesn’t have to do with The Runnaway King, but I feel that this book should be recognized as being awesome. Small, Medium, at Large was an amazing book and I want to thank Joanne Levy for the autographed bookmarks she sent the club. The book was funny and really fun to read. I loved how creative the story was and I’m hoping there will be a sequel. =)

  16. #JustcuZ

  17. I liked the ending of the false prince when you figure out that sage is the prince, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to sage throughout the next book. My favorite activity that we did was the fipple challenge, because a lot of the group was off tune, which made it sound really weird, and cool. I found ot they were doing a movie, and im really excited to see it when it comes out.


  18. So lads and lasses….
    Should we recreat some of our classic activites as we await to coming of The Runaway King?

    Which activity should we recreate as 7th Graders?

    • We should totally do that! I wouldn’t mind doing anything that I wasn’t here for, since I joined AFFL a little late. I would really like to do the air plane war for the unwanteds again, because I didn’t get to do that.

    • Yes!!! That would be awesome!! We should recreate the Ramen Noodle activity to see if the same people would win!

    • The ramen noodle challenge because I did preatty decent at it. I also liked the fippler challenge because I play the clarinet so it will be easy. #DatChallenge #140Characters #Words #Fixyourtypos

  19. oh and by the way the hobbit is awesome you people who will not read it are fools try and solve the riddles in it here is one for you to try

    a box without hinges key or lid yet golden treasure inside is hid.

  20. yes do the coin rolling, i now have a habit of rolling my pencil through my fingers when i think

  21. I would like to try the fippler challenge again. Maybe this time we could rock a harder song.

  22. The Fipple Challenge, because it was fun. I want to do it to see if any of us got better or worse, and BE AFFL!!!!!!!!!!


  24. I think we should redo the coin roll cuz we were all REALLY BAD so i think we could do better #thieftactic

  25. @Kenna K. Why???????!!!!!!

  26. Yes! I would love to redo the paper airplanes!

  27. I think we should do the fippler challenge again so i can do it #noserecorder

  28. Maybe we could do something like playing a stratigic war game. Everyone could be one of the kingdoms in the book

  29. Ohhhh Matt,
    I love the idea of a strategic game. Do you have any ideas for a game to try?

  30. All I van think of is risk. We could make our own board using the map in the book

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