New AFFL Read… Goblin Secret


Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Here we go AFFL members, own next read, for both the original members and our newly minted 6th grade wing, will be Goblin Secret by William Alexander.  Today the 6th Grade wing watched the video of Alexander reading from his novel and wearing a great fox mask.  After that short lunch meeting the ideas and creative juices were really flowing.

Your job for next Tuesday, December 11, is to procure a copy of Goblin Secret and read at least to chapter III.  Chapter III starts on page 20, so that’s not too much.  If you are having trouble finding a copy of the book us this link to the publisher’s website page which has about 46 pages available for preview.  You will also need to start thinking about your mask.  You will be creating a mask for a performance to come sometime in the future.  That mask can be completely of your own design or modified from the page of masks found on the Goblin Secret website.

Go and Find your audience,

Mr. H


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  1. AAAH
    Hey Mr.H,
    I feel like reading this book too!
    I just want to make a recomendation for your next book. In case you haven’t noticed, Under Wildwood has came out and im reading it right now. Please read this book next because it is a book that we recently read.
    I miss all of you guys on track four and all the AFFLers.

    Kishan C
    Also this is semt from my nook Color, Go nook. You should agree too ingrid!
    And also some people like caden, laura, and william with andy and others. Tell mr.hinson hapy b day because it was his b day on the first.


    • Hey guys again!
      I have recently read a fantasy book called The Emerald Atlas, its nothing much, I find it short but it is a series. I got it on my nook for about four bucks, might be the same on kindle, maybe. This is a reccomendation of a new AFFL book.

      Kishan C

  2. Dear Mr. H, is the message about the masks and books to the 6th graders, this new wing is so confusing to me.

  3. How much should we read after that since we will not be having our meeting today like we were supposed to. Is it okay if I just keep reading? Curse you Mr. Hutchinson’s dentist for canceling AFFL!

  4. bad dentist!!!!


  5. Should we finish the book over track-out? Or should we read to a specific page? By the way, I saw the Hobbit! It was so awesome I saw it twice! I wish we had read the book, but I still like The Goblin Secret. See you guys when we track back in!

  6. Havent been posting havent we. Hey guys!

    ANYONE REMEMBER ME OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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