An AFFL T-Shirt Design

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

I hope your track out break has gone well.  We are now just a week away from head back to school and two weeks away from our next AFFL meeting.

While you wait I thought you might like to take a look at our AFFL T-Shirt design.  The shirts are being produced as we speak and should be to school very soon.

So take a look, I think it came out just like we wanted.

AFFL T-Shirt Design

Read on,

Mr. H


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  1. The t-shirts look awesome, I can’t wait to see them in person. Over track-out Ashley and I took pictures with our books. We also got an autograph from someone all the AFFL members might be familar with, the author that started the whole debate with Mr. Ferriter, the man himself! Rick Riordan! Jealous?

    • Yah! It was awesome my sister lives where he was doing the book signing. At first my sister told me that she couldn’t get it but she did that to trick me because when she got home for the weekend she gave it to Kenna and I. Kenna screamed so loud when I gave it to her that I think we woke our friends that live next to us. I had to give it to her so late because 1 that was when my sister got home and 2 because she was leaving the next day. I’m sure you are all jealous of us. Also I can’t wait see the t-shirts finally, it feels like it’s been so long. i still htink the younger affl members t-shirts should say other.

  2. Hello all AFFLers,
    This is Kishan, a former spartan, I would just like to say hi. I miss all of you guys and it sucks looking like a nerd. There are possibilities of me coming back to Salem and continuing the club. I as well will be going to the Hobbit movie on my sisters birthday, and i will see the Les Miserables movie on christmas day! These are my most favortie movies of all time. I look forward to skype with you.
    Reply this comment with this email:

    the former AFFLer

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