Holy Bat House Batman

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Now that we are about a week into our October track out break, I thought I would share some progress on my track out projects.  I mentioned at our last meeting that I was going to attempt a Silverwing project with my daughter.

Check out the video introduction by my daughter.

The one picture with my head a little cut off what taken by my three year old son.

So the next step is for all of the AFFL members to sign the Bat House and then we will find an appropriate location to hang the house and hopefully fill the night sky around our school with bug eating bats.


We also talked about our next read at that last meeting.  Lisa McMann‘s sequel to The Unwanteds, called the Island of Silence was the overwhelming choice.  Over track out members were to try and obtain the book and get started reading.  They were also charged with taking either video or pictures of them reading the book in strange and wonderful places.

I decided to take some pictures at the NC Museum of Art.  The art in the park section of the museum is one of my favorite stops during our track out breaks.

Here are some pictures of the bat house and me reading Island of Silence at the art museum.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope the break is going well for you all.

Read on,

Mr. H


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  1. Hey Mr. H, first of all, great job with the bat house! Second of all, me and Carly think that the AFFL kids should paint the bat house with glow in the dark paint. It’s just an idea but we think that it would make our bat house more AFFL.

    • I agree with Sarah about the great job on the bat house…… but are you sure that we should paint it with glow in the dark paint? Don’t you think that, if it was glowing, the bats wouldn’t live in it?

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