Echolocation…The Game

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Yesterday we had another AFFL meeting and talked some about finishing our current read, Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel.  So far many of us are nearing completion, or have had the book finished for a long time.  I am currently 72% finished, according to my Goodreads account.

We have all really enjoyed reading about bats and finding out more about them.  The big debate at yesterday’s meeting dealt with Goth and Throbb eating other mammals.  Most of us thought that bats only ate bugs, and in come cases drank blood, not ate other creatures including other bats!

After a little online research we did discover that one species of bats, the Spectral Bat, is carnivorous and does sometimes eat rodents, birds and other bats.  Check out this picture of a Spectral Bat eating a bird.

Not only were we interested in the feeding habits of bats, but we were very interested in their abilities to “see” with their ears.  An ability called echolocation.

So at our meeting we decided to play a version of Marco Polo and convert it for AFFL and Silverwing.  Check out the video…

We hope you enjoy the game.  Feel free to play it on your own.

Check back soon as we complete Silverwing, create new videos and move on to our next read.

Mr. H


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  1. That was awesome and fun! What do you think we are going to do next?

  2. Hey heres a idea,
    take a picture of me and cut me in this.

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