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AFFL Meets Kenneth Oppel

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Yesterday we were honored to welcome author Kenneth Oppel to SMS.  He is on tour promoting his very entriguing prequels to Frankenstein, This Dark Endeavor and Such Wicked Intent.  His presentation was all about those two books and boy he did a great job talking them up.  I was super excited to get them on my reading list.

We here at AFFL decided to read a Kenneth Oppel book in honor of his visit, and as you know we chose Silverwing and Airborn.

We also learned that today, August 31, is Mr. Oppel’s birthday.  We thought that was a good enough reason to get him a small birthday cake from AFFL.

I, of course, don’t have any pictures of said cake, but I do have a video of our meeting.


We look forward to finishing Silverwing and starting to create some cool bat themed videos.

Read on,

Mr. H


New AFFL Year

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Welcome back, it seems like it has been forever since we last met.

Today we had our first meeting, and it was memorable to say the least.  The major news is all about our new book selection and the special visit from Kenneth Oppel.  We are lucky enough to have Mr. Oppel visit our 7th graders and all of the current members of AFFL just happen to be 7th graders.

Today we tried to decide between Oppel’s Airborn or Silverwing.  The vote was not unanimous, but the majority was interested in Silverwing.  I think everyone was excited about both books and will be happy with Silverwing.  We will work on getting Silverwing and get into the adventure before Mr. Oppel’s August 30th visit.

We also talked about creating an AFFL t-shirt…I think we have a good plan and the shirt will be a simple, but effective advertisement for our club.

The end of the meeting had us handing out the last bit of the Jennifer Nielsen swag.  At the end of our last school year, we received a fantastic package from Jennifer Nielsen, the author of the absolutely fantastic novel The False Prince.

I handed out the stones she sent us at our honor assembly, but didn’t have time to hand out the signed labels she sent.  I handed out those cool labels today and then we got to hit something with a hammer!

We were actually one stone short in the package.  We had 21 members last year and the package had 2o stones.  It did have another surprise though.  In a small green bag was a very boring brown rock that was actually a geode.  Our final member spent our month off wondering what she was going to get.  Today she got to hit the stone with a hammer and screamed with excitement as the parts flew apart revealing the crystals hidden within.

I wanted to film the hammering, but the video camera was on the charger and in the excitement at the end of the meeting we all forgot, but here is a picture of the final result.

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Thank you Jennifer Nielsen for making our first meeting of the new school year a memorable one.

Read on,

Mr. H