The False Prince – The Real End of AFFL…For Now

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Tonight I have finally caught up with the vast majority of the AFFL members as I have finally completed the fantastic novel The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen.

So I read slow and most of the AFFL members had this book done a week ago, but today during our DEAR time I got down to business and knocked out the major climax and much of the falling action of this story.  When I got home, after mowing the lawn, I sat out on the front porch and read the very satisfying end.  I call it a satisfying end only because I know it to have a sequel.  If I didn’t know that I would have so many unanswered questions flying from my mouth.

As I look back on this novel I find it to be just a really smart and fun read.

Now as AFFL takes a summer hiatus I hope we can have a good conversation about The False Prince in the comments of this post.  Remember this in not the end of AFFL, we will be right back at it in August with our first after school meetings.

Here are a few discussion starters to get us going…

  1. What were your favorite parts, or characters, in The False Prince?
  2. Did you have the ending figured out, or did Jennifer Nielsen have you guessing to the very end?
  3. What was your favorite piece of foreshadowing?
  4. What do you think will happen in the second novel… The Runaway King?
  5. Do you think this was a good choice for an AFFL book?

Let’s get a good online conversation going.

Read On,

Mr. H


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  1. I honestly don’t have a favorite part in the book, because I loved it all! I loved the resolution and the rising action the most though. I loved it because it was full of excitement and tension.

    I did not have the ending figured out, because Jennifer Nielson is an awesome writer who writes surprise endings! I couldn’t believe Sage was the lost prince the whole time! It took me a while to realize he wasn’t just getting into character.
    I think that in the Runaway King, Sage (Jaron) will be crowned from Prince Jaron to King Jaron. I also think that Roden and Conner will come back to stir up trouble for Sage (Jaron). I think that this book will also consist of Sage (Jaron) trying to control the country while also trying to control his attitude. I know these predictions will not be 100 percent accurate, so I’m so excited to READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think it was an excellent choice on behalf of Lisa McMann. The book was amazing and had me sitting on edge. It also did not have a trickle of fantasy in it but was filled to the brim with secret kings and princes. I couldn’t ask for more! I loved the book and I can’t wait for the second one!

  2. This doesn’t really have to do with AFFL. But I would like to say to Mr. H that last night when Cecilia P, Isabella P, and I were doing karaoke at a restaurant I did the Han Solo snap and the pose at the end. Everyone there probably thought I was crazy.

  3. This doesn’t really have to do with The False Prince but I would like to ask Mr. H we could get our bookplates in August because he never gave them to us. Or maybe he gave them out and I just wasn’t there but anyways can I drop by his room in 7th grade to get mine?

    • Mr. H never gave them out. So don’t worry about it. He will probably give them out at the next meeting.

  4. this doesn’t really go with the question(s), but when is our first meeting going to be so i can plan transportation, and is there a specific day we will meet each week.

  5. Which book do you want to read? and why?

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