Fipple Challenge

Hello Fantasy lovers,

In a recent AFFL meeting we were discussing ideas for future challenges and landed on the scene we had just finished with Sage and the other boys learning to dance like gentlemen.  That got loads of juice as the AFFL boys and girls starting thinking about a dancing challenge.

As we were talking about that one member brought up the fipple.  None of us really knew what a fipple was.  We knew from context it was a musical instrument, but not any of the specifics.  With a little internet research we found that most of us actually had fipples sitting on a shelf somewhere at home.

That lead us to this…the Fipple Challenge…

So what do you think of our Fipple Challenge?  How about the nose solo? Hit that comment button and let us know what you think.

Play on,

Mr. h


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  1. That song was the first thing for recorder we learned in elementary school, it’s really easy. It only uses three notes (A,B,C) and doesn’t take but two minutes to memorize. For instance, I haven’t played since fourth grade ,yet I remembered it perfectly, (I’m not suggesting that I was good). I can’t wait for the next AFFL meeting!

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