Defensive Skills – Folding

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

The AFFL is now nearing the end of The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann.  Most of us are right around page 300.

As I was reading the last few days I was struck by all of the defensive magic skills the students have been learning.  I love the idea of the using art to disable an enemy.  I really wanted to do some sort of defensive skill challenge in our meeting, but couldn’t quite figure how to do it effectively, and safely.

Then the brainstorm hit me.  I was reading about the students folding origami dragons and releasing them to varied success.  I could use that, but being horrible at origami myself I had to figure something else out.  I settled on paper airplanes.

Check out our video on defensive folding…

As you can see, we need loads of practice.  We will try again soon, so our dramatic members can share their dramatic death scenes!


Mr. H


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  1. My paper airplane was by far the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It would have helped if Mr. H had shown us how to make paper airplanes first!

  3. It didn’t hit anyone so how can it be the best, the one that went over our heads and had it been lower would have hit us, would most likely be the best. How many of you are exited about our next book,The Hobbit? since i have read it i can say it is very good and kind of funny too. Something cool is that the runes on the “Bammer” are the same as the runes on a map in The Hobbit. work on those paper airplanes girls, so we can beat the boys next week.

    p.s. we need a designated camera person to follow the path of the planes that could cause damage.

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