More Unwanteds

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

We met this Monday for some conversation about The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann.  That conversation led us to a few fun videos, with bad audio.  Unfortunately we ran out of time on Monday, so here are a few videos that we filmed today.

How about that? A completely original song written and performed by a sixth grader!!! I can just see Ms. Ocatvia’s arms flying through the air as those trills played. So here is the actual ms octavia sheet music written by Lara.

I can’t seem to get that Ms. Octavia song out of my head.

We have some ideas for other videos so check back in a few days to see what else we are doing.

Mr. H


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  1. Maximum Ride serie lover

    You guys did really good!! I can’t wait to make more videos! I will email this website to some of my friends so they can see what we are doing and maybe we will get more people to leave comments!

    Can’t wait for our next meeting!

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