The Unwanteds – Meeting Three…With Videos

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Today the AFFL met for the third time to discuss our book The Unwanteds and have a little fun with a few things from the first half of the story.

At this point we should have read through page 198, some are a bit behind (sorry) and some have pushed on to the end.

For this lunch meeting I wanted to get some of our views and thoughts down on film to share with the wide world.

Here is a little of what we are up to…

So here are a few other favorite parts and impressions…

This video is a little fuzzy on the audio, sorry about that, I think my flip camera might be on it’s last legs.  Anyone want to donate a video camera?  You will also notice that Ashley is interrupted by some distraction from the right.  We are the AFFL which stands for the Anti F(teacher named Mr. F who hates fantasy) Fantasy League, can you guess who interrupted us in this video?

Here is Ashley’s full response…

Again I am sorry about the fuzzy audio on this video, I hope you can still hear us as we parade out a few versions of Ms. Octavia the Octogator painting teacher.

Our lunch break was not enough to get everything done that we wanted to, so on Wednesday we will meet again and share a few Ms. Octavia songs, dances and even an original piece for the flute!

So check back mid week to see what we get up to as our performances take shape.

Feel free to hit that comment button and let us know what you think of our blog or what we are reading.

Be Unwanted,

Mr. H


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