Ms. Octavia

Hello Fantasy League,

So Mr. H and Kenna K are clearly Unwanted as they managed to draw up their vision for octogator painting teacher Ms. Octavia.

Kenna chose to do her drawing in color and I think her vision is quite good.  I love the lipstick and blonde hair!

Mr. H went with the pen and ink look, but added in the introduction lines from the story to help remember a little about her personality.  I guess I might fall into the art and storytelling classes.

We hope more and more members of the AFFL will bring in their drawings of Ms. Octavia or share a performance or song inspired by our octogator friend.

Keep reading, you should be up to page 199 by next Monday.

Have an AFFL Day,

Mr. H


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  1. Can we read past page 199 before next Monday? Because I’m already on that page, but it’s only Tuesday, I’m dying to read more.

  2. Go for it Kenna. We will talk about the section up to page 199, but feel free to press on.
    Mr. H

  3. I debating should I read more because I’m afraid I will finish it to fast, what should I do?

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