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More Paper Airplane Chaos and Our New Read

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Today the AFFL met again at lunch, this time with prefolded paper airplanes and a desire to dramatically die if hit.

We also decided formally that we would read The False Prince by Jennifer Nielson.  The students thought the story sounded great and were impressed that we already had some contact with the author.  So we ordered 15 copies from Scholastic and eagerly await their arrival.

We would love to hear what you think of our chaos and if you have read any of our AFFL books.  Hit that comment button and let us know what you are thinking.

Work on your aim,

Mr. H


Lisa McMann Leads Us To Our Next Read

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

As you all well know we owe much to the wonderful Lisa McMann, most of us will be retiring early and paying for college with her autographed postcards.

Now we have one more thing to add to our Lisa McMann debt.

Last Thursday we posted a video question asking Mrs. McMann what she might recommend we read next.

Her Twitter responses went something like this…

@lisa_mcmann Not trying to bother you but new content is up We would love to hear what you recommend.

So I think we have found our next AFFL read.  I did a little research and The False Prince is in the new book order for only $4.95.  I think that’s a pretty good deal for a well reviewed book.

Why don’t you hit that comment button and tell me what you think of this new book idea.


Mr. H

The Thank You Parade and Reading Question

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Today at our lunch time AFFL meeting we created a Thank You parade for Lisa McMann who you may remember sent us a great box of goodies earlier this week.

This video is a small thank you note for making our week.

We also have an interesting question to pose to Lisa McMann that will possibly help guide our Fantasy League into the future.

We look forward to hearing some of you ideas.  We have thought about The Hobbit, Narnia and the Golden Compass.


Mr. H

Thanks Lisa McMann

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

A very exciting little box came in the mail yesterday.  This exciting little box contained a very gracious gift along with some great goodies.  the following video shows the excitement of our AFFL group as we unveil the gifts.

Thank you Mrs. McMann…you are too kind.

This video is just the beginning, we have talked about other videos we would like to make in the near future.  We will be sure to let you know when they are up and ready for all to see.

Stay Unwanted,

Mr. H

More Twitter Conversation with Lisa McMann

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

First do like Fantasy Lovers or Fantasy Leaguers?  I need to know so my opening line doesn’t sound too dumb.

Now onto the big news…

Defensive Skills – Folding

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

The AFFL is now nearing the end of The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann.  Most of us are right around page 300.

As I was reading the last few days I was struck by all of the defensive magic skills the students have been learning.  I love the idea of the using art to disable an enemy.  I really wanted to do some sort of defensive skill challenge in our meeting, but couldn’t quite figure how to do it effectively, and safely.

Then the brainstorm hit me.  I was reading about the students folding origami dragons and releasing them to varied success.  I could use that, but being horrible at origami myself I had to figure something else out.  I settled on paper airplanes.

Check out our video on defensive folding…

As you can see, we need loads of practice.  We will try again soon, so our dramatic members can share their dramatic death scenes!


Mr. H

Twitter Conversation with Lisa McMann!

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Yesterday we posted a few new videos dealing with Ms. Octavia from our recent read, The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann.  I thought it might be a good idea to share what we have been working on with Ms. McMann so I sent her a Tweet.

Check out the conversation…

More Unwanteds

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

We met this Monday for some conversation about The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann.  That conversation led us to a few fun videos, with bad audio.  Unfortunately we ran out of time on Monday, so here are a few videos that we filmed today.

How about that? A completely original song written and performed by a sixth grader!!! I can just see Ms. Ocatvia’s arms flying through the air as those trills played. So here is the actual ms octavia sheet music written by Lara.

I can’t seem to get that Ms. Octavia song out of my head.

We have some ideas for other videos so check back in a few days to see what else we are doing.

Mr. H

The Unwanteds – Meeting Three…With Videos

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Today the AFFL met for the third time to discuss our book The Unwanteds and have a little fun with a few things from the first half of the story.

At this point we should have read through page 198, some are a bit behind (sorry) and some have pushed on to the end.

For this lunch meeting I wanted to get some of our views and thoughts down on film to share with the wide world.

Here is a little of what we are up to…

So here are a few other favorite parts and impressions…

This video is a little fuzzy on the audio, sorry about that, I think my flip camera might be on it’s last legs.  Anyone want to donate a video camera?  You will also notice that Ashley is interrupted by some distraction from the right.  We are the AFFL which stands for the Anti F(teacher named Mr. F who hates fantasy) Fantasy League, can you guess who interrupted us in this video?

Here is Ashley’s full response…

Again I am sorry about the fuzzy audio on this video, I hope you can still hear us as we parade out a few versions of Ms. Octavia the Octogator painting teacher.

Our lunch break was not enough to get everything done that we wanted to, so on Wednesday we will meet again and share a few Ms. Octavia songs, dances and even an original piece for the flute!

So check back mid week to see what we get up to as our performances take shape.

Feel free to hit that comment button and let us know what you think of our blog or what we are reading.

Be Unwanted,

Mr. H

Ms. Octavia

Hello Fantasy League,

So Mr. H and Kenna K are clearly Unwanted as they managed to draw up their vision for octogator painting teacher Ms. Octavia.

Kenna chose to do her drawing in color and I think her vision is quite good.  I love the lipstick and blonde hair!

Mr. H went with the pen and ink look, but added in the introduction lines from the story to help remember a little about her personality.  I guess I might fall into the art and storytelling classes.

We hope more and more members of the AFFL will bring in their drawings of Ms. Octavia or share a performance or song inspired by our octogator friend.

Keep reading, you should be up to page 199 by next Monday.

Have an AFFL Day,

Mr. H