The Unwanteds – Meeting Two

Hello Fantasy League,

Today we meet for our second Unwanted meeting.  I like the sound of an unwanted meeting, don’t you?

Last time around we just read a few pages and then gave some of our first responses or initial feelings. You can review them here.

Today we were to read up to page 100 or the chapter titled Parallel Lessons.

I am really getting into the story and as I read I have loads of thoughts about our Fantasy League and how we would act if we were Unwanted and found ourselves living in Artime.

Let’s start with this great quote from page 75.

“Writing led to creativity, and creativity led to revolt, which was very bad.”

-High Priest Justine

Writing surely leads to creativity, but I thinks most of the time creativity leads to writing.  Do you think creativity leads to revolt? Is a revolution always “very bad?”

That’s a heavy question, let’s have some fun now.

So Alex finds out he will take art classes, Meghan will do music, Lani will study writing and storytelling and Samheed will focus on acting.

What class would you find yourself?

If you think of yourself as an artist I think you should draw your idea of what Ms. Octavia, the octogator art teacher, looks like.

The next chapter is called Parallel Lessons and most likely will switch back to Quill and focus in on Aaron and what is happening to him as he is taught at the Quill school.

What you you think he will be taught?  How do you think he is feeling, especially now that we know what Samheed thinks he did?

You will need to read to page 199 or A Glimpse of Quill before our next meeting on Monday, May 7.

Mr. H


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  1. I think i would be in the music class like Megan. I have read to page 199 ( and desperately want to read more) and I think Aaron is being taught how to solve problems to make things better for the Wanteds of Quill. He seems to be feeling good about himself but is nervous when he thinks of his brother.

    P.S. the chapters that lead to A Glimpse of Quill, are very good!

  2. I forgot to add, answering the first Question, I do think creativity leads to revolt. It can lead people to see that they do not like the way they are treated. Like in Mockingjay, when the districts fight for a better way of life because they are treated poorly and unfairly, if the people of Quill realize they live under a power hungry government they might try for change and creativity.The only problems would be, A) they don’t have weapons in the greatest condition, probably don’t have enough weapons, they also probably don’t have much information on Quills actual army, and B) you need creativity to get ideas on how to fight and win, so unless Artime lead the attacks and Quills people joined in, the likely hood they would be inventive enough to lead an attack built to do a decent amount of damage on the enemy is rather low.

  3. I think Creativity can lead to revolt but also thinking about creativity can lead to revolt is being creative so she just brock her own rule. The Class i would be in is ethier art or acting. Not the fine art of drawing but more building. Acting is just plane fun.

    Have an AFFL day!

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