The Unwanteds – Our first meeting

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Today is our first meeting where we will discuss the book, The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann.  We are only just beginning so we have only read to page 16, unless we have read the whole book (naughty).

Being our first meeting we thought it would be a good idea to share first impressions of the story with the world…

“I liked that the points of view changes from chapter to chapter.  It reminded me of the Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus Stories.”

-Sarah A.

“I think the point of view change is a bit confusing and I get a little lost about who is talking.”

-Andy H.

“I liked when they talked about the purge and how they decided who was wanted and unwanted.  It made me think of The Hunger Games and the reaping.  I didn’t feel like I was reading a Hunger Games ripoff.”

-Rachel W.

“I did feel like I was reading a little bit of a Hunger Game ripoff because of the similarities between the Hunger Games where kids get drawn out of a bowl and fight to the death, in the Unwanteds they are called out and they all die.”

-Caden P.

“But the reaping in The Hunger Games was random.  In The Unwanteds they have skills that make them unwanted.”

Ashley G.

“I really liked the idea about unwanted and wanteds but also the necessaries, or the people who are needed like farmers.”

-Ingrid S.

This is the point in our lunch discussion where we had to end and head to our next class.  At this point other members of the group will add their thoughts in comments.

Next Monday we will meet again and have read to page 100 or the chapter titled Parallel Lessons.

Read on,

Mr. H


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  1. I thought it was perfect and not even a rippoff of harry potter or hunger games. When I met the author she said she does not know how her book compares to harry potter and the hunger games.

    Matthew W.

  2. Good Point Matt. I remember meeting her and how she said she was both excited and upset when she heard her book was going to be compared to HP and HG. Those are some big shoes to fill and her book really different.

    Mr. H

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