Hello Fantasy Lovers,

This little book group we have going found it’s origin in a love of Harry Potter and the idea of Pottermore.  Remember when we started Spartan Time and a huge group met to talk about Pottermore and hopefully get started.

Then I got early access, finally, and we started the long slog through the Beta site.  It was a frustrating time to be a fantasy lover.  Then the site went down and we went on track-out and now…It’s up!!!

So we asking all of the members of AFFL to log in and get sorted and then share your screen name with us.

 I am wolfsbanebronze13

As we don’t want any creepers following us around, remember to not use your first and last name on this blog…just first name and last initial.

Maybe in the future we can book a computer lab and duel each other in a big tournament.  That would be epic!

Read on,

Mr. H


Posted on April 19, 2012, in Pottermore and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I am FrogOak1722

  2. I am Magicspell27463 (just in case thoughs are l’s not ones)

  3. I am Mistspirit18153 on Pottermore.

  4. I am wombateye3456 on pottermore, I will beat you all in wizard duel

  5. I am starspell11447 and I just sent Mr. H. a friend request!!! They put me in Slytherin, which is funny because I am a Hufflepuff at school!!!

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